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Within the retail sector, flowers fall in the fresh product category. This means that the turnover in the store should be as quick as possible so that the elegant bouquets and colourful bunches of flowers last as long as possible in the consumer’s home.


Retail - Standard packaging product

In a retail environment, flower packaging has to be functional. This means that in the store and during transport to the final destination the flowers have to be packed in such a way that prevents damage but also prevents the customer from getting wet or covered in pollen. A sleeve, foil or bouquet holder also represents added value, aimed at boosting the sales of the bouquets and flowers. The packaging should be the finishing touch, enhancing the beauty of the product. Dillewijn Zwapak offers a wide range of standard packaging products, with new collections introduced twice a year.




Specific packaging line for retail organisations

In the retail sector customers visit stores primarily for their daily groceries, so distinctive packaging for flowers can encourage impulse buying. On special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas, Dillewijn Zwapak can develop customer-specific packaging lines, possibly including store and shelf presentations. These are highly distinctive and are guaranteed to boost sales. Dillewijn Zwapak has a highly professional design team that can take a design brief and come up with something surprising. Once a design has been approved, Dillewijn Zwapak takes care of production and delivery according to the highest quality standards. Temporary or long-term storage of packaging materials can also be arranged by Dillewijn Zwapak.



Flower care in the store

For the retail channel it is important that the store turnover for fresh products such as flowers is as quick as possible. This ensures that the flowers will last for as long as possible after the consumer takes them home. Even so, keeping flowers in a cold room or on the shop floor for short periods is unavoidable. To keep these products in tiptop condition, it is important to administer the right food at the right time. Vaselife has special flower food for retailers that can be added to the buckets while the flowers are in the cold room or on the shop floor.




Flower care at home

Of course, Vaselife also has cut flower food that can be offered to customers who purchase flowers to use at home. This also ensures a long vase life, leading to greater customer satisfaction. This food is available as a powder or as a liquid . The consumer packs of Vaselife cut flower food can even be supplied in customised packs in any house style.






Store presentation: buckets

Dillewijn Zwapak supplies ready-made bucket displays for the attractive presentation of flowers at the point of sale. These displays come in a range of shapes and sizes. Buckets are also available in many shapes, sizes and colours, in both plastic and zinc. These range from simple transport and storage buckets to stylish models that are ideal for retail presentation.



Whether it concerns people or planet, Dillewijn Zwapak is aware of its responsibility when it comes to sustainability. We invest in knowledge, new innovative products, machinery and partners, and we adapt our business processes where necessary. We continuously assess whether our actions are sustainable for people and planet.


Convenient online purchasing

Of course, Dillewijn Zwapak’s extensive standard range can be also ordered online - at any time of day, seven days a week. Orders can be delivered worldwide from stock, at highly competitive rates and with fast delivery times.




Every year, Dillewijn Zwapak presents the various season collections, like winter and spring, and the theme collections for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Muguet in colourful, inspiring brochures. Furthermore, a few times a year, it publishes DZ Magazine featuring information on the newest trends in packaging, innovative products and facts about Dillewijn Zwapak. These publications are available digitally on the website. So is the catalogue with over 3,000 types of standard packaging and florist articles.





In partnership with Flower Factor, the inspiration platform for florists and arrangers, Dillewijn Zwapak makes creative videos in which international master florist Pim van den Akker creates inspiring combinations of fresh flowers and plants and products from the Dillewijn Zwapak range. The videos are featured on the Dillewijn Zwapak website, on Facebook and on YouTube.






Dillewijn Zwapak’s professional retail account team is always ready and willing to answer questions from customers and give product advice. You can also contact Dillewijn Zwapak’s account managers if you want specially printed sleeves or foil, or different formats.

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