Dillewijn Zwapak creates added value for growers

Having a beautiful vase of flowers on the table seems such a simple thing, but at Dillewijn Zwapak we know this is not the case. Before the consumer can buy a beautifully wrapped bouquet or an attractive plant in a retail store, these flowers and plants have already passed along an entire distribution chain. Within this chain, professional know-how and substantial investments are required in order to put a smile on the face of the end consumer purchasing the flowers or plants. The life cycle of the flower begins at the grower.

Whether we are talking about growing roses, lilies, anthuriums or any other horticulture product, great dedication is required from the professional grower, in addition to a considerable investment in seeds, soil, watering systems and energy. After the flowers and plants are harvested, these goods have to be sold to wholesalers at the best possible price, perhaps via an auction.

GrowersStandard packaging

Recently harvested flowers and plants need sturdy packaging in order to protect them during storage and transport. However, packaging can also have commercial added value for growers. Attractively designed packaging is an excellent promotional medium and can function as a communication tool for your product line and company name. Within the highly competitive nursery sector, growers can distinguish themselves by producing a top-quality product. Dillewijn Zwapak can help by providing distinctive packaging: “dressing to impress”.




Customised Packaging

Dillewijn Zwapak offers a broad range of standard packaging products, such as printed and unprinted sleeves, foil and bouquet holders. If you want packaging in keeping with your own identity, or would like attention-grabbing packaging for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas, Dillewijn Zwapak has a highly professional design team that takes a design brief and comes up with something surprising. Once a design has been approved, Dillewijn Zwapak takes care of production and delivery according to the highest quality standards. Temporary or long-term storage of packaging materials can also be arranged by Dillewijn Zwapak.


GrowersFlower care from the greenhouse onwards

Ensuring good quality and a long vase life starts in the nursery. After the flowers have been cut, the petals and leaves must be kept fresh and well hydrated during transportation to the auction or retail chain.

Dillewijn Zwapak’s allied company Vaselife develops and produces cut flower food for the entire life cycle of flowers, from grower to consumer. Vaselife Universal Hydrate 100 Clear is the optimum flower food during the phase immediately after harvesting. Contrary to the traditional chlorine and aluminium sulphate solutions, this flower food is a clean and environmentally friendly formula. Vaselife Universal Hydrate 100 Clear is available in jerrycans and IBC containers.

The products of Vaselife enable a long vase life and consequently high customer satisfaction. 


GrowersTransport and storage aids

Dillewijn Zwapak supplies an assorted range of buckets for storage and transport. Buckets are available in many shapes, sizes and colours, in both plastic and zinc. If you prefer dry transport, Dillewijn Zwapak has a broad selection of cardboard packaging, if desired in keeping with your company image.



Whether it concerns people or planet, Dillewijn Zwapak is aware of its responsibility when it comes to sustainability. We invest in knowledge, new innovative products, machinery and partners, and we adapt our business processes where necessary. We continuously assess whether our actions are sustainable for people and planet.


Convenient online purchasing

Of course, Dillewijn Zwapak’s extensive standard range can be also ordered online - at any time of day, seven days a week. Visit the user-friendly Dillewijn Zwapak webshop. Orders can be delivered worldwide from stock, at highly competitive rates and with fast delivery times.




Every year, Dillewijn Zwapak presents the various season collections, like winter and spring, and the theme collections for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Muguet in colourful, inspiring brochures. Furthermore, a few times a year, it publishes DZ Magazine featuring information on the newest trends in packaging, innovative products and facts about Dillewijn Zwapak. These publications are available digitally on the website. So is the catalogue with over 3,000 types of standard packaging and florist articles.




In partnership with Flower Factor, the inspiration platform for florists and arrangers, Dillewijn Zwapak makes creative videos in which international master florist Pim van den Akker creates inspiring combinations of fresh flowers and plants and products from the Dillewijn Zwapak range. The videos are featured on the Dillewijn Zwapak website, on Facebook and on YouTube.






Dillewijn Zwapak’s professional growers’ account team is always ready and willing to answer questions from customers and give product advice. You can also contact Dillewijn Zwapak’s account managers if you want specially printed sleeves or foil, or different formats.

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