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The vision of Dillewijn Zwapak on sustainability:

Sustainable Florist Barometer

The Sustainable Florist Barometer is an independent and official certification, with which
a florist shows that the range of flowers and plants and related products, as well as the
business operations in the shop, are sustainable. A florist can stand out and satisfy the
increasing market demand for sustainability. For certification, a florist must meet a number of mandatory requirements and a minimum number of points that can be achieved through optional measures.

The themes discussed in the barometer are:
• Sustainable range of flowers and plants
• Waste (separation) and packaging
• Renewable energy and energy saving
• Environmentally friendly cleaning
• More sustainable transport and delivery
• Attention for employees

Here, a florist can achieve three levels: bronze, silver and gold.

At Dillewijn Zwapak, we like to help our customers to meet the requirements and go for gold. To make it easy for a florist, we indicate in our shops and web shop whether a product meets the requirements. For the current version of the Barometer (January 2020), with our range a florist can achieve points for the following components.

Three mandatory measures
• DP2 Sustainable floral foam
• VP 1 Sleeves and PP film
• VP 2 Chlorine-free paper

Four optional measures
• K-DP3 Biodegradable pots and vases
• K-DP4 Fair trade cut flower food
• K-VP1 Carrier bag raw materials
• K-VP2 Compostable carrier bags

You will find more information about the Barometer
or the certification scheme on:


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