Our approach

Pand Dillewijn

Whether it concerns people or planet, Dillewijn Zwapak is aware of its responsibility when it comes to sustainability. We invest in knowledge, new innovative products, machinery and partners, and we adapt our business processes where necessary. We continuously assess whether our actions are sustainable for people and planet. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Not only do we focus on selling sustainable products, but we also look critically as to whether our own business operations are sustainable. We ensure Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in our business operations. > READ MORE

Environmental impact of our products

In the production and purchase of our product range, we assess various environmental aspects. We are constantly looking for new sustainable products. In doing so, we use innovative partners with which we have been working together intensively for years. Transparency, measurability and accountability are becoming increasingly important in partnerships.

If we look at the environmental impact of our products, we like to do that properly. What is the environmental impact of a product or production process? How do you compare resource depletion with CO2 emissions? Where do the resources come from and how are they produced? In order to get a good picture, we use a scientifically based method. Read more here about how we map the environmental impact and CO2 footprint of our product range. > READ MORE

FSC® certification

We firmly believe in common independent certifications. An example of an independent certification is our paper, for which we have FSC® certification. And for which we are reassessed each year. In 2020, we want to have the entire paper products range certified. Read more here about FSC® certification and our certificate> READ MORE

End of life and circularity

Besides paper, we also believe strongly in the use of recycled materials as a basis for our products. We like to encourage our customers to be proactive and enthusiastic in choosing such products! Together with our customers, we also like to discuss how our products can be recycled after use. We call this circular thinking.

Most of our products have a relatively short use phase. A great deal of packaging is only used for a few days, and then ends up in some kind of waste flow. ‘Single-use plastics’ are of our major concerns. Read more here about how we deal with this at Dillewijn Zwapak > READ MORE

Sustainable florist

An increasing number of florists are seeking certification for the Sustainable Florist Barometer (Dutch: Barometer Duurzame Bloemist). Dillewijn Zwapak likes to help florists by offering many products that satisfy the Barometer certification. Read more here about the Sustainable Florist Barometer and how Dillewijn Zwapak makes life easier for the florist. > READ MORE

Sustainable bucket

Dillewijn Zwapak has been supplying black plastic flower buckets for years. Although not directly visible from the outside, this is one of our most sustainable products. > READ MORE

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