Zonnepanelen Dillewijn

Not only do we focus on selling sustainable products, but we also look critically as to whether our own business operations are sustainable. We ensure Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in our business operations.

For our sustainability policy, we don’t just take a distant view but we also look closer to home. For instance, we have recently build our new commercial premises in which modern technology and energy efficiency were the starting points.

Dillewijn Zwapak encourages its employees to lease sustainable cars, preferably electric and otherwise at least A or B label categories. Even our transport is becoming greener and cleaner.

The roof of our building is covered with solar panels that can provide power not just for the business premises (from office lighting to warehouse robots) but also for our fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles. In the course of a year, we generate significantly more energy than we use.

In our overall business operations, we try to take into account sustainability aspects. Our paper and printed materials are FSC® certified. We send our invoices and information preferably electronically.

The welfare of our employees is extremely important to us. Whether they work for Dillewijn Zwapak in the Netherlands or elsewhere in the world, the terms of employment and the working conditions have to be good, safe and fair for everyone. The same applies to our business partners all over the world. We endorse the guidelines of ETI and are audited and certified in accordance with these guidelines.

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Would you like to learn more about ETI?

Read more here www.ethicaltrade.org

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