Certification FSC® and PEFC™


As a supplier of paper products, we have a responsibility to make sure that this use is not at the expense of the forest for future generations. We like to make every effort to promote the sustainable management of forests. We consider it important that the origin of paper is shown by a credible, independent certification based on internationally agreed standards and requirements. For this reason, we selected PEFC™ and FSC®.

In 2018, we obtained FSC® and PEFC™ certification. This certification implies that we are committed to maximising efforts to use as much paper from responsible forestry as possible in the near future for products that are currently made of plastic, such as sleeves and film. We try to send mail digitally as much as we can, but if we do use paper for business correspondence or promotional material, we make sure this always bears the FSC® logo denoting compliance with the FSC environmental standards.

Our paper suppliers are selected based on FSC® and/or PEFC™ certification. FSC® and PEFC™ stand for certified responsible sustainable forest management, while taking into account ecological, social and economic forest values (people, planet and profit).

FSC® and PEFC™ ensure:

• Maintaining and enhancing biodiversity
• Protection of ecologically valuable areas
• Counteract deforestation and thus climate change mitigation
• Local employment and training
• Protecting the rights and welfare of workers
• Independent monitoring by Chain of Custody

Similarities and differences

We regularly get questions about the difference between the two certification systems. In principle, we make no difference between the two systems. We prefer to focus on the similarities. Both systems are committed to sustainable forest management with a focus on people and planet. Both systems entail controlled responsible origin and an independent audit by the so-called Chain of Custody (CoC) and both systems have been approved by the European Union and the government (TPAC). Furthermore, in terms of competition it is good that there are several parties, so that these parties can keep a sharp eye on each other and there is no monopoly. The above is summarised in the table below. 

Meets government requirements for sustainable wood/paper (TPAC)
Social aspects (people)
Economic aspects (prosperity)
Environmental aspects (planet)
Independent audit through Chain of Custody (CoC)
Country-specific with verification of minimum requirement (Is therefore seen as more flexible)>/td>-
Internationally defined criteria (Is therefore seen as a stricter)-
OperationTop downBottom up

Download certificates

PDF download 'FSC certificate'PDF download 'PEFC certificate'

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