Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement


This Privacy Statement applies to Dillewijn Zwapak B.V., based in Amstelveen, and all its affiliates; hereafter referred to as Dillewijn Zwapak.

Contact details for privacy matters

Dillewijn Zwapak B.V.
De Loetenweg 2
1187 WB Amstelveen

+31 (0)88 7354111

Personal data

Personal data comprises any details about an identified or identifiable natural person. This entails information that directly concerns someone or is directly attributable to someone. The fact that the details must relate to a natural person means that information about deceased persons or organisations do not comprise personal data. The following personal data is processed by Dillewijn Zwapak, and is used solely for the purposes as outlined under the heading “Purposes and legal bases”:
• Name
• Gender
• Telephone number
• Email address
• Position
• IP address

Purposes and legal bases

The data we process is used for the following reasons:
• To facilitate standard trade between Dillewijn Zwapak and its trade relations
• To counteract fraudulent trade transactions
• To process web shop orders
• To deliver real-time customer support on the Dillewijn Zwapak websites
• To analyse customers’ buying behaviour on the Dillewijn Zwapak websites (via, yet not excluded to, Google Analytics)
• To send (digital) newsletters  
• To comply with fiscal obligations

Consequences of non-provision of personal data

Failing to provide the aforementioned personal data excludes, or impedes, trade with Dillewijn Zwapak.

Should such an instance arise, Dillewijn Zwapak will notify the party in question of the limitations such non or partial provision of personal data entails.


The personal data that is requested and received is (partially) forwarded to the following parties:
• Dubbele Punt Design, based in Gorinchem, for the purpose of managing all Dillewijn Zwapak websites and web shops.
• Mailchimp, based in Atlanta, GA, the United States, to facilitate the sending out of digital newsletters.
• TKB – Trust Krediet Beheer and TKB IT Solutions, both based in Amsterdam, to jointly undertake credit management.
• ABN AMRO Commercial Finance, based in ’s Hertogenbosch, to finance debt claims in advance.

Dillewijn Zwapak has arrangements in place with the aforementioned recipient(s) that ensure General Data Protection Regulation compliance.


The Dillewijn Zwapak websites use cookies. A cookie is a simple text file sent along with the pages of this website, that are saved on the computer by the browser.

Users can refuse cookies, although this does seriously impede functionality and use of the websites or may even exclude it entirely.
Google Analytics and comparable services
At present, Dillewijn Zwapak uses Google Analytics on its websites to track visitor behaviour. Together with the computer IP address, this information is saved by Google on servers in the United States. Google uses this information to analyse how the websites are used, to in turn substantiate reports about the Dillewijn Zwapak websites, and to provide advertisers with further information regarding the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Google can share this information with third parties if legally bound to do so, or in as much as these third parties process the information on behalf of Google. This is beyond Dillewijn Zwapak’s sphere of influence.

Google Analytics’ privacy statements are publicly accessible online.

Social Media
The Dillewijn Zwapak websites include buttons (and/or links) to promote or share pages on various social media platforms, such as (at present), Facebook and Pinterest. These buttons are code-based and are delivered by the companies involved. Among other things, this code places a cookie to, among other things, analyse visitor behaviour.

The privacy statements of these social media platforms are publicly accessible online.

Read the privacy statements of these social media platforms (which may frequently vary) to see what they do with the personal data they process with this code. This is beyond Dillewijn Zwapak’s sphere of influence. 

Dillewijn Zwapak uses Hotjar to analyse visitor behaviour, helping us among other things, to ascertain mouse clicks, mouse movements and scroll activity. This information is processed and saved anonymously. Hotjar does not disclose any personally identifiable information when analysing visitor behaviour.

Hotjar’s privacy statement can be found at:

Retention period

Dillewijn Zwapak will save personal data:
• For as long as is reasonably necessary in facilitating standard trade
• For as long as is reasonably necessary in safeguarding Dillewijn Zwapak’s interests in the prevention of fraud
• For as long as a legislative or fiscal obligation impels us to do so
• For as long as no request has been received from the data subject to delete their personal data


We deem protection of your personal data as vitally important, and as such take all necessary measures to counteract misuse, loss, unauthorised access and unlawful amendment. In any case these measures include:
• Adequate security on our servers and network(s)
• Adequate security on our software packages, by means of log-ins and passwords
• Using a mandate structure within the software packages to keep the number of authorised employees to a minimum, to those for whom access is a job requirement.
• Adopting a segregation of duties within an administrative context

Right to inspection, rectification and/or erasure

The data subject (the person the personal data pertains to) is entitled to inspect or erase requested data. The data subject also enjoys the right to rectification in the event of erroneous personal data publication (not as submitted by the data subject).

Even when the personal data has been obtained with consent, the right to withdrawal prevails.

Dillewijn Zwapak emphatically points out that in such an instance of consent withdrawal, trade with Dillewijn Zwapak will be restricted, or fully excluded.

Dillewijn Zwapak also emphatically points out that it will not comply with such a request if it potentially contravenes a legislative or fiscal obligation, or if it is to the detriment of an up and running fraud investigation. Should Dillewijn Zwapak not comply with the data subject’s request, it will notify the data subject, outlining its reasons for doing so.

If you would like to inspect or erase your data, please get in touch with us via the contact details listed above. Dillewijn Zwapak will respond to your request as promptly as possible, but in any case, within four weeks.


The data subject is entitled to submit a complaint contesting the processing or handling of their personal data. This complaint can be submitted to the Data Protection Authority, but only having first submitted a motivated complaint to Dillewijn Zwapak.

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