Dillewijn Zwapak has its products manufactured around the world, either in its own factories or in factories that work exclusively for us. This enables us to constantly deliver high-quality products on very competitive terms.


We have various, modern production facilities at our disposal in Europe - including one of Europe's most technologically advanced, fully automated bucket factories. This factory produces high-quality flower buckets from recycled materials, at a very competitive price.


In the Far East, we have high-volume facilities for labour-intensive products, including a very modern flower sleeve factory. This factory produces polypropylene products of a very high quality at competitive prices, and the quality, environmental legislation and ethics are audited according to Dutch standards.


In Africa, we have a flexible just-in-time production company that manufactures rolls of film and sleeves. This factory is strategically located just a stone's throw from our customers, which of course means that delivery periods, unsaleable stocks and time to market have been vastly improved. This company is also BRC-certified.

Quality & ethics

By far the majority of our branches manufacture according to the internal quality system set up by Dillewijn Zwapak. This system guarantees quality and assures you that your products have been manufactured in an ethical manner.

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